An Idea is Born

So, it all started when my September issue of Fighters Only came in the mail. Usually, the first thing I do with it is read all of the quick little articles and the fun statistics on the bottom. One really caught my eye this time and it read:

25,673.5% – The percentage increase one gambling fan made on his $200 parlay bet placed on the 12-fight UFC 131 card. He walked away with a massive $51,547 when he correctly guessed the winner of every bout.

This got me thinking, who can correctly predict the prelims right. You have to know about the undercard fighters, what their tenancies are, who their former opponents are. Then I realized something: I can. With just a little research before the unknowns throw down, I can turn a regular bet on the main card into a mega-parlay worth tons of money. Having this idea dawn on me a few days before UFC 134 I hopped on my computer and started in on the guys I hadn’t really heard to much about. After a day or two I came out with my predictions. I hit them all and it didn’t seem to hard. So, I decided to start this blog, both for myself and anyone else who’s interested in the ways to bolster their bets by knowing fights that actually might be easier to pick, yet they don’t even know it. Here’s the rundown of the current plan of the site:

-Give betting advice to those who wish to increase their parlay with a few prelims.

-Show people with a little research it isn’t too hard to pick them correctly.

-Give reasoning and picks before every UFC fight card for people to either use or to try to learn from. Below is my example from my own UFC 134 picks

UFC 134 Prelim Picks

Paulo Thiago vs David Mitchell

  • My Pick: Paulo Thiago
  • Reasoning: Paulo has the experience. He’s faced top guys. Hell he knocked Koscheck out. A couple losses doesn’t put him under David Mitchell
  • Confidence: Extreme

Raphael Assuncao vs Johnny Eduardo

  • My Pick: Raphael Assuncao
  • Reasoning: Once again, he’s fought some top guys. Faber, Curran, Nunes. He even took Nunes to decision. Too tough for somebody like Eduardo
  • Confidence: Good

Luis Ramos vs Erick Silva

  • My Pick: Erick Silva
  • Reasoning: Didn’t know much about either until I did a bit of research. When it came down to it, Silva puts guys away. And in a match with two men trying to gain a place in the company, you always have to take the one finishing. Silva: 9 out of 12 finishes. Ramos: 8 out of 19. Enough said
  • Confidence: Good

Felipe Arantes vs Yuri Alcantra

  • My Pick: Yuri Alcantra
  • Reasoning: 28 fights coming in and only 3 losses? Pretty nice. A WEC fight under his belt doesn’t hurt either. 
  • Confidence: Fair

Yves Jabouin vs Ian Loveland

  • My Pick: Yves Jabouin
  • Reasoning: The man took it to Mark Hominick. Anyone who doesn’t have faith in him is crazy. A unlucky break against a game opponent in Pablo Garza doesn’t change that.
  • Confidence: Great
Now, I know these were posted post-event, so if you choose not to believe me for this one, so be it. But follow along, it should be interesting…

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