First Big Tip

In addition to giving the reader some sound advice on who to pick in the upcoming events and why, I like to take the events as a chance to teach a big tip or two. The first of which comes into play greatly at UFC Ultimate Fight Night 25.

Big Sexy’s Big Tip #1: Stop falling in love with TUF fighters.

You can’t debate that the Ultimate Fighter has cranked out some superstars. Florian, Griffin, Evans, Sanchez: they all have put together stellar careers. However, the majority of the big shots from our favorite weekly TV show all came from the early days. The talent pool for the show now is a lot shallower. Don’t get me wrong, you still get some skilled guys. Matt Mitrione, Roy Nelson and Ryan Bader are all examples of guys who can make an impact. However, you got to beware of the other breed which is a lot weaker now. Maybe James Wilks and CB Dollaway both looked good on the show, but what have we seen since then? Nothing I’d want to waste money on. So, to cut a long lesson short, don’t throw down money on a guy you saw on the Ultimate Fighter just because you’ve never seen the other guy.

Key Examples: Phillipe Nover, CB Dollaway, Vinny Magalhaes, Alex Caceres, James Wilks and James McSweeney


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