First Event in the Books!

So, my first event has hit the books. All in all not too bad. I hit a 5-3 mark to raise my career up to 10-3 (.769) and really the fights I lost were not all that bad. Here’s a quick breakdown of what happened in my slip ups.

TJ Waldburger vs Mike Stumpf

-Okay, so this one is my major screw up. You don’t pick a guy who has had very little time to get ready. I’m confident with a full camp that Stumpf could have at least competed a little better than that, but clearly a rookie mistake on my part. Confidence level was: Fair

Matt Riddle vs Lance Benoist

-Well I broke my own #1 rule. I had a bunch of faith in a TUF alumni and it cost me. With that being said I do think he fought well and definitely did the majority of the damage. He lost and a loss is a loss, but not upset with the pick. Confidence level was: Fair

Justin Edwards vs Jorge Lopez

-Once again, not upset with this one being wrong. Lopez fought fairly well. He was well billed coming in and just didn’t live up to it. Confidence level was: Good

So, I dropped a few Fairs and one Good. Overall still pretty high with the wins and especially good with the high confidence level ones. Stay tuned for UFC 135 picks!


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