UFC on Versus 6 Picks

Let me just start this post off by saying how incredible I think it is that mixed martial arts has come so far that we are getting a live title fight on free TV. Not to mention all of the other stellar fights on. But on to the ones you won’t see on versus.

Yves Edwards vs Rafaello Oliveira

  • My Pick: Yves Edwards
  • Reasoning: Edwards has been very impressive in recent fights. Sure he dropped one to Sam Stout, but Stout, although he hasn’t knocked many out recently, definitely has some power in his hands. Not to mention there is pretty much no chance that Oliveira has the power to put Edwards down for the count. Seeing as I think Edwards is too sharp to allow Oliveira to submit him either, I think Edwards is a very safe play and would be a great option to up a parlay.
  • Confidence: Great

Michael Johnson vs Paul Sass

  • My Pick: Paul Sass
  • Reasoning: Okay, so I went against Cody McKenzie a while ago because he is essentially a one-trick pony. Now, in 11 career fights Sass has 8 Sass-angle victories and two heel hooks. However, I wouldn’t put him in the same category as the Alaskan just yet. His striking may not be great yet, but he can wrestle a bit more than Captain Morgan can. Team that with the fact that Johnson is a TUF alumni who’s only UFC win came against 2-2 Eddie Faaloloto (how did he get into the UFC anyways?) and this pick is set. 
  • Confidence: Good

Shane Roller vs TJ Grant

  • My Pick: Shane Roller
  • Reasoning: TJ Grant has obtained 75% of his wins via submission and his hands have never really been that great. He also has a weakness for fighters with solid wrestling and Judo (see Hendricks, who is Roller’s teammate, Dong Hyun-Kim and Jesse Bongfeldt). Roller recently demonstrated his stand-up power in the Tavares fight and has a wrestling pedigree that will let him dictate where the fight takes place. 
  • Confidence: Great

Josh Neer and Keith Wisniewski

  • My Pick: Josh Neer
  • Reasoning: Both of these guys have 40 plus fights in their career. Neer has the more impressive wins and I have to say, since his arrest in 2009 he has really turned his fight game around. Also, only 4 decisions in 31 wins? Pretty impressive. Wisniewski does have an impressive resume as well, just not enough to get me to give him the nod.
  • Confidence: Fair

Mike Easton vs Byron Bloodworth

  • My Pick: Mike Easton
  • Reasoning: Tough name or not Bloodworth had only a few days to prepare for this fight. Easton with the full camp is a safe pick. (Rule #2 about this to come) Not to mention he also has some wins against TUF guys from the current season.
  • Confidence: Good

Joseph Sandoval vs Walel Watson

  • My Pick: Walel Watson
  • Reasoning: The Gazelle has yet to go the distance in any of his wins and if you’ve seen any of his fights he’s got some slick submissions that seem to come out of nowhere. He also likes to throw kicks and plenty of them. Sandoval is a bit more of a grinder, I just question whether or not he’ll be able to get his hands on Watson.
  • Confidence: Good
So there it is. We’ll recap when these fights go final. Enjoy the free title fight.
Happy Pickings,
Big Sexy

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