And the Guest Picker is…

With an impressive 8-1 Zuffa record and a wrestling accolades that include three-time Big 12 Champion, four-time All-American and two-time National Champion, Prelim Picker is proud to boast Mr. Johny Hendricks as our first guest.


Johny, who is preparing for a big fight against Jon Fitch at UFC 141, took some time out of his training schedule to send some picks our way. He has been doing a bit of traveling away from his Team Takedown camp, most recently to Stillwater, Oklahoma where he has been perfecting his wrestling on his old college stomping grounds, Oklahoma State University. I’d like to thank Johny for taking time out of his busy schedule to help us out and shed some light on these fights. Lets check out the comparison between his thoughts and mine:

Michael Johnson vs Paul Sass

Johny Hendricks: I’m taking Michael Johnson because he can pick where he wants to fight, meaning he can take him down and, if Sass tries to submit him, he can get up and strike.

Interesting pick. I agree that Johnson probably has the better wrestling, but I don’t think Sass is incompetent in that department. I’m sticking with Sass on this one.

Josh Neer vs Keith Wisniewski

How about Neer and Wisniewski? I’ve got Neer.

JH: Josh Neer wins. Although, I think it can go either way because they both have the same strengths.

Walel Watson vs Joseph Sandoval

JH: Wow, this is an even fight on paper. But I have to go with power, so I’m picking Joseph Sandoval.

Definitely a tough call. I just think Watson is just too crafty and can find ways to finish.

Shane Roller vs TJ Grant

Finally the match with the Team Takedown fighter.

JH: Shane wins. I think he’ll be able to control and keep TJ on his back.

I definitely couldn’t agree more. It should be a great night for Team Takedown and fight fans alike. I would like to thank Johny once more for taking the time out of his schedule and helping me out here. Thanks again. 


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