Second Big Tip

I come back here for my second of the lessons you need to learn when gambling on fights. First we examined the trouble we have with our love for TUF fighters, now its time to look at another thing to stay away from

Big Sexy’s Big Tip #2: No short camp fighters

I don’t care how recently they’ve fought. I don’t care what their record is recently. I don’t care about much other than the fact that they haven’t had enough time to prepare. Take Byron Bloodworth saturday. The guy might be good, but when you’ve only had five days to look at what your opponent has to offer, you are going to suffer. I know some of you might point back to the Charlie Brenneman/Rick Story fight, but you have to remember he had his whole camp and I’d say he probably followed the same plan (take him down… a lot). Now there are a few exceptions to this. Fighters who step in to fight guys that are clearly much below them in skill level, but it has to be much lower. Examples of this are Koscheck beating up Hughes and Leben when he beat Akiyama. However, as a rule, stay away from them.



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