The Next Guest is the Gazelle Who’ll Make Some Guesses

Snappy alliterative titles aside, Prelim Picker is proud to boast it’s second “Guest Picker”. After having welterweight contender Johny Hendricks last Saturday, this week we’ll drop down a few weight classes. Walel Watson (9-2, 1-0 UFC) busted onto the UFC scene by battering and finishing Joseph Sandoval (a correct prediction by me) and has been kind enough to join us here to shed light on the upcoming UFC 136. Lets see what he had to say about the upcoming prelims.

Demian Maia vs Jorge Santiago

On the Spike card we have Demian Maia and Jorge Santiago, who do you got?

Walel Watson: I’m going to pick Santiago. If he sets the pace early Maia won’t be able to answer.

I like it. I’m feeling the same way.

Anthony Pettis vs Jeremy Stephens

WW: Pettis. Stephens carries a big punch, but Pettis is just too versatile.

 We are definitely on the same page.

Joey Beltran vs Stipe Miocic

WW: Beltran. He always comes to fight and sets a very high pace.

Well, we had to disagree eventually. I agree that he does set a good pace, I just think he might of found an opponent who can handle it.

Steve Cantwell vs Mike Massenzio

Lastly, we’ve got Cantwell and Massenzio. I personally like Cantwell dropping down a weight class.

WW: Yeah, Cantwell is very well rounded. He can hurt you standing and break your arm on the ground.

He definitely can be a dangerous man. Walel, thanks for the picks, as for your side of the fight game, who do you have in your sights for your next fight?

WW: Its really up in the air. I’ll fight who ever to take me to the top and fight the title holder. Whether its Dominick [Cruz] when I get there or someone else holding the title. So, whoever Mr. White and Mr. Shelby say fight, that’s who I’m going to fight!

Well there you have it, straight from the horse’s (or Gazelle’s) mouth. It should be an interesting night of fights right up through the main card. I’d like to thank Walel Watson for taking the time out of his life, which is most likely now filled with interviews and people trying to get their hands on this hot prospect. We hope to have you on again sometime and good luck with your upcoming training.

Happy Pickings,

Big Sexy


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