UFC 136 Recap

Wow, what an event. Some absolutely amazing fights. Prelim Picker had it’s roughest day to date going 3-3 dropping the career mark to 21-9 (.700). Also, in a rare case, yesterday every single preliminary card fight went the distance. Odd, but in all honesty I believe it makes it harder to predict. Here’s a look at my wrong assumptions and my correct ones.

Wrong: Cantwell’s drop will be good for him

-As a matter of fact, he looked to have a smaller gas tank and, with the exception of the first, he looked as bad as his nose did at the end of the fight.

Right: Stipe Miocic is good

-He didn’t quite put Beltran away, but some of those shots would take down just about everybody except for Beltran and Cabbage Correira.

Wrong: Maia can’t get Santiago down

-Yeah, he can.

Right: Pettis’ technical striking will win him the fight

-Once again, he didn’t really impress, but he looked good on the feet.


Once again, Prelim Picker did take out our the “Guest Picker”. After defeating Johny Hendricks last week 3-1 to 1-3, I picked up the win again this week 2-2 to 1-3 against Bantamweight fighter Walel Watson. However, stay tuned for UFC 137 as Watson is coming back to try and redeem himself and trying to improve that mark.

Happy Pickings,

Big Sexy


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