Big Sexy vs Walel Watson 2: UFC 137 Picks!!

After a mediocre event for me, not to mention a sub-par day for Mr. Watson in the picking department, he’s graciously decided to help us out again with some more picks. Only hours after his next UFC bout was announced, a UFC 140 contest with vetern Yves Jabouin, the picks go public. This time we look at UFC 137, the event with the ever changing main card. However, for the most part, the preliminary card has remained untouched. So, lets take a look at what I think as well as our friend, the Gazelle.


Donald Cerrone vs Dennis Siver

  • My Pick: Donald Cerrone
  • Reasoning: Cerrone has always looked impressive. The guy has great stand-up and a great game off his back, especially with the triangle. Siver, while he is indeed a great kickboxer, has never looked like he is unbeatable to me.  A close decision win against Matt Wiman made me question, what would Cerrone do to Wiman. I would wager Matt would look a little less handsome. Cerrone’s tougher, plus expect him to use his reach properly and keep Siver at bay.
  • Confidence: Great
  • Guest Pickers Input: Cerrone has got great takedown defense and is just an awesome striker and submission artist. Cerrone no problem

Tyson Griffin vs Bart Palaszewski

  • My Pick: Bart Palaszewski
  • Reasoning: Bartimus has been waiting for a UFC fight for a long time. He’s been prepping and getting injured, prepping and getting injured. But, he has definitely made sure that he is 100% for this one. Try to remember, this is the same guy who beat Anthony Pettis two short years ago. Although he had some trouble with wrestler Kamal Shalorus, I think dropping down a weight class should help tremendously with that. Tyson also didn’t look amazing against Gamburyan, which is why I like the upset here. 
  • Confidence: Fair
  • Guest Pickers Input: I’m going with Griffin. But don’t count out Bart. He’s the comeback kid!

Jeff Curran vs Scott Jorgensen

  • My Pick: Scott Jorgensen
  • Reasoning: Look, Young Guns is probably one of the best bantamweight fighters in the world. With the exception of one bogus judges decision, his only loss in the last four years has come at the hands on champion Dominick Cruz. Scotty is a little guy, but I’d love to see him get a second chance at that battle. I respect Curran and his whole camp (see Bart above), but I have trouble forgetting his 4-fight WEC losing streak and the fact that he hasn’t finished anyone since 2007.
  • Confidence: Great

Elliot Marshall vs Brandon Vera

  • My Pick: Brandon Vera
  • Reasoning: Vera is another one of those guys with a lot of time off. This guy looked like at one point that he had all the potential in the world. Anybody else forget the 69 second nap he gave Frank Mir. I won’t hold losses to Couture and Jones too hard over him, plus I think he’s hungry to keep his job. Although Marshall has got some good submissions, I think Vera is just way too ready for this fight.
  • Confidence: Good
  • Guest Pickers Input: I’m picking Vera too. He’s a dominant striker with submissions, whereas Marshall has just got submissions.

Danny Downes vs Ramsey Nijem

  • My Pick: Danny Downes
  • Reasoning: Once again, I enjoyed Stripper Ramsey as much as the next person in the TUF house, but what is rule #1. That’s right, don’t fall for TUF fighters. He’s got an impressive record in his MMA career (4-2) and got beat up pretty good by Ferguson in his debut. Downes got beat up pretty good against Jeremy Stephens, but he didn’t get knocked out, which is a testament with somebody with hands like Lil Heathen. 
  • Confidence: Good

Chris Camozzi vs Francis Carmont

  • My Pick: Chris Camozzi
  • Reasoning:  First off, I agree with the masses in saying this man should have never been fired. Two pretty good wins and one loss leads to a big ugly ax? Secondly, he’s got a lot of potential and not to mention some size. He looks huge on fight night. I say he’s way too much for the newcomer.
  • Confidence: Great
  • Guest Pickers Input: Camozzi looking to show where he belongs. I’m going with him.

Dustin Jacoby vs Clifford Starks

  • My Pick: Clifford Starks
  • Reasoning: So, this fight was announced as I was writing this. I had to go take my time and look at what I could find on each of these newcomers. Here’s what I have to pass out to you guys. Basically, Jacoby is a tall free-kicking knockout artist. Looks to throw kicks like they are going out of style, at least in the couple fights I saw. Starks, on the other hand, was a wrestler in college, Arizona State University, and now trains with some solid wrestlers, Bader, Simpson. Anything more dangerous to kickers than a solid wrestler? Didn’t think so.
  • Confidence: Fair
So there you have it. After writing the the prelim card had not been shaken up like the main card, it is literally changed while I type. Much like this card, I’ve recovered and this should be an exciting event regardless. Not the best card of all time, like it could have been, but still should be good. I want to thank Walel Watson one more time for popping in and wish him luck at UFC 140.
Happy Pickings,
Big Sexy

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