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Prelim Picker is Thankful For… (MMA Addition)

Of course on the eve of Thanksgiving, we are all sitting around being thankful for what we have: great friends, a wonderful family, a good job. I, for one, am no exception. I’d like to take a second to thank all of those people, situations, ect. However, I’d like to take time out of this blog to write about what, in the MMA worldin the past year, I am thankful for.

Saturday’s Main Event

Finally getting to see two of the great legends of Pride go toe-to-toe.


Getting to see the one you were rooting for get his hand raised.


Making it a twenty-five minute melee of epic proportions involving buckets of blood and two guys who were willing to shake hands and snap pictures together afterwards.


The Kindness of the MMA Community

Is there another sport that rallies around it’s in need members more? Currently we see amazing examples throughout MMA. My Twitter hasn’t stopped showing posts from fighters from all camps, fans from all countries and personalities from all parts of the industry asking to help UFC veteran fighter Dan Miller in his quest to help his son fight off a rare kidney disease ( Seemingly every member of the community is helping out and I for one am very impressed by the cohesive reaction.

In addition to helping the in need members of the community, fighters are constantly going out of their way to help the community. Sure they don’t have the United Way commercials like the NFL does, but that doesn’t stop Chris Camozzi from giving away loads of money in fight memorabilia to attempt to get people to donate to local food banks.  UFC Bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz and Charlie Brenneman don’t need a commercial to go to a Boys and Girl’s club to talk to kids about their health. They don’t do any of it for the publicity or because the UFC makes them, they do it because they want to out of the goodness of their hearts.


Eddie Bravo Jiu-Jitsu in MMA

Eddie Bravo is on of the brightest men currently and perhaps the most innovative in martial arts. He has taken an ancient martial art form and somehow found new ways to manipulate opponents into positions they have never seen before. In doing this he has created some of grappling’s deadliest warriors as it seems every week I hear about one of them pulling off a submission that “you just have to see”. Although I love watching grappling contests, watching MMA is my main fix. So, why can’t I have my cake and eat it too. I want Bravo and I want to watch MMA matches. Well, I have to wait no longer. Although these slick submissions may have been happening before, just on a smaller scale, they are now twisting (pun intended) their way into the front-line of MMA. Vinny Magalhaes is winning titles using a mounted gogoplata. The Korean Zombie threw up a twister earlier this year.


This Last Card’s Picks

I’m thankful that the fighters I picked this past weekend all did well. I had a rough weekend for sure with UFC on FOX, but UFC 139 put me back in the green. I hit 6 out of 7 fights (86%) , only losing the Matt Brown/Seth Baczynski fight, which wound up being the only fight I missed all night on my parlay (which would have landed me a grand). But I won a contest from TapouT owner Punkass and got some really awesome stuff, so in the end I am…



Lastly I’m thankful top anybody who reads this, whenever they do. The hit numbers I get some days are overwhelming, sometimes thanks to a retweet or two, sometimes for no reason at all. But I appreciate it all and I hope you all keep reading.

Happy Fixings,

Big Sexy


UFC 139 Picks: Prelim Picker’s Return to Glory?

After a tough last week, Prelim Picker looks to get back on the right foot. And really, this week couldn’t be much more different than last week. Last week: Free, This week: Pay-per-view. Last week: two young stars for a belt, This week: two veteran fighters for their rise back to the top. Last week: loads of hype, This week: people may not know their is an event. Last we… okay you get the picture. Let’s look at the picks.

Shamar Bailey vs Danny Castillo

  • My Pick: Danny Castillo
  • Reasoning:   Shamar Bailey is one of those TUF guys that I never though had the stuff to make the UFC. He turned in some of the most pathetic fights I’ve ever seen on the show and I didn’t think that could change. Although he did manage to last three rounds with Evan Dunham, his improvement wasn’t enough to sway me in this one. Anyways, Castillo owns the lone win against prospect Dustin Poirier and beat Joe Stevenson recently. Enough cred for him to get the nod here.
  • Confidence: Good

Matt Brown vs Seth Baczynski

  • My Pick: Matt Brown
  • Reasoning:   He did have a rough stretch recently, but Matt Brown has a lot of talent. His hands are heavy and I think he can only really drop this one if he gets submitted, but I don’t think Baczynski has the skills to submit the veteran.
  • Confidence: Fair

Miguel Angel Torres vs Nice Pace

  • My Pick: Miguel Angel Torres
  • Reasoning:   Let’s try to remember the fact that he was a former champion who was considered a top ten pound-for-pound fighter. He defended the bantamweight title 3 times and since losing it has only lost to Joseph Benavidez (title contender) and Demetrious Johnson (title contender). Pace just dropped a decision to Ivan Menjivar and has recently missed weight. 
  • Confidence: Great

Gleison Tibau vs Rafael dos Anjos

  • My Pick: Gleison Tibau
  • Reasoning:   dos Anjos shocked me with his win over George Sotiropoulos. Quite frankly, I thought that was one the Australian couldn’t lose. However, I thing dos Anjos’ clear weakness is his wrestling. He was beaten badly by Tyson Griffin and Clay Guida. I feel like Tibau will have the size and power to throw him around and take, at the very least, a decision.
  • Confidence: Good

Tom Lawlor vs Chris Weidman

  • My Pick: Chris Weidman
  • Reasoning:   This is my first instance of truly using Rule #3. All of my being wants to pick Tom Lawlor. He’s a great guy, loves to brawl and you can never really count him out of one. But man, has Weidman looked good in his short career! 
  • Confidence: Fair (can’t ever count Lawlor out, remember)

Michael McDonald vs Alex Soto

  • My Pick: Michael McDonald
  • Reasoning:   First off, remember my rule about no short camps. That’s exactly what Soto will be working with. Also, remember how good McDonald has looked. Although not always technical, he’s got experience on his side and can both take and dish out a beating. 
  • Confidence: Good

Ryan Bader vs Jason Brilz

  • My Pick: Ryan Bader
  • Reasoning:   People are talking about Bader getting the ax if he doesn’t win this one, I say he lost to the current UFC Light Heavyweight champ and possibly the greatest Light Heavyweight champ of all time. In addition, the guy manhandled little Nog, knocked out Jardine and looked pretty impressive in all of his other fights. Brilz, although he should have gotten the decision against little Nog, he showed how weak his chin could be against Matyushenko and Bader had got a big right.
  • Confidence: Good


So, we will soon see if this is the magic weak for me to bounce back. Enjoy the fights, they will be better than advertised.

Happy Pickings,

Big Sexy

UFC on Fox Recap/Tip #3

Although, I usually do a pick by pick recap, this card had nine fights, so I decided I’ll do a quick lesson learned. As seen in my picks, UFC on Fox was the first sub .500 card I’ve ever picked, but nothing comes without a lesson. So, lets take the good from a bad situation and see what we learned.

Don’t pick with your heart

-When you have a lot emotionally invested in a fighter, you always want to go with them. It was against my better judgement, but I wound up doing this for UFC of Fox. Garza and Guida were prime examples of this. I’ve loved Guida from the first time I watched him and Garza is also really exciting. However, exciting doesn’t always win fights does it? Hopefully my mistake will prevent others and maybe I won’t make it again.


Stay tuned for UFC 139 picks.

Happy Pickings,
Big Sexy

UFC on Fox Picks: 9 PRELIM FIGHTS!

This is a monumental post for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is the UFC’s first ever, network-televised event. For those of you who have been following MMA for some time now and have been dishing out the big bucks for Pay-Per-View, this is huge. Not to mention its implications for the sport as a whole. I know, I know, every MMA article you’ve read lately has been talking about the same thing, but I couldn’t fail to mention this at least just in passing.

The second reason this is huge as this is the first time you’ll see Big Sexy make his picks on some main card caliber fights. Now, the original goal of Prelim Picker was to hype, educate and help you gamble on fights you had no idea about. Although with a few of these this won’t be the case, a prelim fight is a prelim fight, so here we go.


Aaron Rosa vs Matt Lucas

  • My Pick: Matt Lucas
  • Reasoning: Although I am assuming that dropping down in weight could only help the previously robust Rosa, he’s in over his head. Lucas is quicker, he’s got a great wrestling pedigree (two-time all american) and most likely a better gas tank. Also, if you’ve seen any of his fights you’d know his hands aren’t too bad either.   
  • Confidence: Great

Mike Pierce vs Paul Bradley

  • My Pick: Mike Pierce
  • Reasoning: Let’s take a look at Pierce, shall we. Division I wrestler, 4-2 in the UFC, only losses coming to Johnny Hendricks (who he split with) and Jon Fitch (who he took a round off of). Throw in a win over Bradley earlier in his career and I’m saying this guy looks pretty good. I don’t see him having any trouble with Bradley the second time around either
  • Confidence: Good

Alex Caceres vs Cole Escovedo

  • My Pick: Cole Escovedo
  • Reasoning: Despite a rough patch, Escovedo is pretty solid on the ground (10 career submissions in 17 wins). Fact. Caceres, since stepping into the Octagon, has looked awkward on the ground and often very amateurish. Should we assume that this will change against someone who could easily submit him? 
  • Confidence: Extreme

Mackens Semerzier vs Robert Peralta

  • My Pick: Robert Peralta
  • Reasoning: Semerzier is tough, no doubt. However, with his only recent win coming at the hands of the aforementioned Caceres, he’s on a bit of a skid. Peralta is quite the opposite and, personally, I thought he looked very strong against Mike Lullo. With a run of 8 straight, 4 by knockout, Peralta may just be too game for Da Menace to handle.
  • Confidence: Fair

Kid Yamamoto vs Darren Uyenoyama

  • My Pick: Kid Yamamoto
  • Reasoning: Uyenoyama is kind of a one-trick pony. Sure, his last win came via KO, but his power and technique will come nowhere close to touching Kid. Add in that Kid hasn’t ever been submitted in 23 career fights and holds a significant experience advantage and it an easy pick.
  • Confidence: Great

DaMarques Johnson vs Clay Harvison

  • My Pick: Demarques Johnson
  • Reasoning: Johnson has shown plenty of improving since the ultimate fighter show. He seems to have gotten even better on his feet and his ground game is getting better. I wish I could say the same about Harvison, but the little extra just doesn’t seem to be there. I really don’t seem him as much tougher than when he made his exit on his season.
  • Confidence: Good

Cub Swanson vs Ricardo Lamas

  • My Pick: Cub Swanson
  • Reasoning: One word: desire. After becoming the fist fighter to use the UFC’s new insurance policy, he’s been waiting impatiently on his first fight in the UFC. He’s tough and he’s got absolutely no losses that aren’t justified. Mendes? Aldo? Pulver? Plus, remember what Bartimus did with all of that pent up rage.
  • Confidence: Good

Dustin Poirier vs Pablo Garza

  • My Pick: Pablo Garza
  • Reasoning: Most likely, this pick will be seen as an upset. But, I’m not sure why people don’t give Garza more credit. His short (5:32) career in the UFC is really a ridiculous highlight reel. Not to mention, before that, his record looks pretty good too. Now I hear the hype behind Poirier, but I just don’t see as much as everybody else does and I think Garza’s got the chance for the upset.
  • Confidence: Fair

Clay Guida vs Benson Henderson

  • My Pick: Clay Guida
  • Reasoning: When was the last time Henderson fought a real good wrestler? Varner? Roller? Neither of them are even close to the quality that Guida is. Throw in the fact that Guida is completely incapable of being tired and I think he can take Bendo to the brink. Once again, this may be seen as an upset, but despite his size, I don’t think Henderson can wrestle with Guida.
  • Confidence: Good
So there we have it. The biggest list I’ve ever compiled on this site. Enjoy this amazing event and all of the amazing fights in it.
Happy Pickings,
Big Sexy

UFC 138 Recap: Good, Bad and Ugly

With that phenomenal card in the books, Big Sexy hit a 3-2 record to bring his all time to 28-13. Before recapping how I did exactly, I’d like to take a minute to say something to all of the fans that were complaining about that card. SEE? We don’t need title implications to have great fights. We can just have great fights. Okay, now that I got that out of the way, lets take a look at what was Good, Bad and Ugly.


Good: Che Mills has good and diverse striking.

-Check and check. Although he was only facing C-Murder, he looked good. He has great timing and I can’t wait to see what the UFC gives him to step up in competition.


Bad: Cariaso will have to finish Lee to beat him.

-Definitely not the case. Lee pressed and tired a bit and we saw Cariaso, who’s already been in some dogfights, last longer. Touche.


Ugly: Michihiro Omiawa’s top game.

-Okay, I was wrong. I picked against him and he did actually deserve to win the fight. However, it certainly wasn’t due to striking, grappling or aggression. Two words: Octagon control. And that’s is all.

Stay tuned for the biggest card that prelim picker has ever picked; UFC on Fox. 9 Picks to come!

Happy Pickings,

Big Sexy

UFC 138 Picks

So, after starting off 3-0 with the Guest Pickers, I have nobody for this weekend (must all be scared). No but seriously, it is for the same reason that it has taken me this long to put up the picks, Winter storm Alfred. I know what you’re asking, “why did they name it Alfred?” and I really don’t know. Those of you who live in the Northeast United States know what I’m talking about though and Big Sexy’s power has only recently been turned back on. So, with research in the bag and some hunches to go on, here’s what I’ve got cooked up for this weekend.

John Maguire vs Justin Edwards

  • My Pick: John Maguire
  • Reasoning: Edwards beat a pretty highly touted prospect in Jorge Lopez and proved me wrong in his second UFC bout. Yet, I’m still not sold on the guy who dropped a decision to Clay Harvison. Maguire, meanwhile, has run up a five-fight win streak and has only been stopped once in his pretty long career. That stoppage was to Kong Watson (no shame in that). With the experience factor on Maguire’s side as well as the recent hot streak I’m going with him.
  • Confidence: Good

Michihiro Omigawa vs Jason Young

  • My Pick: Jason Young
  • Reasoning: I won’t sugarcoat this one at all. I don’t like Michihiro Omigawa. I’m not saying that I don’t like him as a person, I don’t know him. What I’m saying could better be phrased by Georges St. Pierre: “I am not impressed by your performance”. Are people high on him because of his split decision win over Hatsu Hioki? Once again, I don’t really see that as a big deal. Now, Shotgun Young hasn’t been a world beater either, but I had him taking a round off of Poirier and I think he can take Omigawa.
  • Confidence: Fair

Rob Broughton vs Philip de Fries

  • My Pick: Philip de Fries
  • Reasoning: Usually I am skeptical about taking a heavyweight who relies on his grappling this heavily (see Jon Olav Einemo), but the Sunderland native is different. He’s a really big guy and I think he’s got the wrestling chops to get Broughton down. I think if Broughton keeps it on his feet he could be okay. His chin is tough, just ask Travis Browne. I just don’t think he can keep it up. De Fries only way to finish this one is by submission and I see him doing just that. 
  • Confidence: Good

Che Mills vs Chris Cope

  • My Pick: Che Mills
  • Reasoning: Okay, let it be know, I am a C-Murder fan. I laughed at the whole “Whoooo” think, I was impressed at his improvement when he beat Chuck O’Neil and he’s got a really comical nickname. That being said, he’s way over his head. Cope is the type that will get punchy at times and forget to keep his hands on his chin. Unlike Chuck O’Neil, Mills will make him pay for that. Mills has got nice kicks and altogether diverse striking. 
  • Confidence: Great

Chris Cariaso vs Vaughan Lee

  • My Pick: Vaughan Lee
  • Reasoning: There is absolutely no shame to be found in Cariaso’s recent two losses. Michael McDonald and Renan Barao are both formidable opponents. In the end though, he’s not a finisher and with the pacing Lee sets you have to be. With only two of his eighteen career fights going the distance, Lee pushes until something breaks. In this case, I don’t think it’ll be him.
  • Confidence: Good
So, there you have it. And for those of you looking close enough, you might see a pattern. That’s right! I went for the Brit sweep on the prelims. Let’s see it happen for all of our friends across the Atlantic.
Happy Pickings,
Big Sexy

UFC 137 Recap

Another pretty solid night in the book for Big Sexy, 4-2 (.667) with yet another head-to-head win against our guest picker, Walel Watson. This time Big Sexy wins 3-1 to 2-2 making it just a bit closer than last time. So lets look a little bit at the good, the bad and the ugly (ala BJ Penn’s face) from Saturday’s fights.

Good: Palaszewski beat Pettis, he can beat Griffin

The guy showed that he belongs. He is only twenty-eight, showed he has some solid hands and some good speed. Also, do we need to mention his experience? Had Griffin made weight, thius would have been Bartimus’ first featherweight fight, yet it is his 50th career fight.

Bad: Ramsey Nijem is all hype

He looked really solid. I withdraw my comments on him. I’m interesting to see where he goes from here.

Ugly: Camozzi is way too much for Carmont

This fight went very bad. Camozzi got tired, dominated and beat in many facets. Overall bad pick by me.

Some Extra Good: My other choices

Cerrone dominated just like I thought he would. He looked amazing and really showed that he is going to be a man to deal with in this divsion.

Starks won. And he won the way I said he would. He took him down and beat him up.

Oh yeah and Vera returned to form.


Overall, like I said, good night. Main card fights were great to watch. Stay tuned for UFC 138 picks, coming soon

Happy Pickings,

Big Sexy