UFC 137 Recap

Another pretty solid night in the book for Big Sexy, 4-2 (.667) with yet another head-to-head win against our guest picker, Walel Watson. This time Big Sexy wins 3-1 to 2-2 making it just a bit closer than last time. So lets look a little bit at the good, the bad and the ugly (ala BJ Penn’s face) from Saturday’s fights.

Good: Palaszewski beat Pettis, he can beat Griffin

The guy showed that he belongs. He is only twenty-eight, showed he has some solid hands and some good speed. Also, do we need to mention his experience? Had Griffin made weight, thius would have been Bartimus’ first featherweight fight, yet it is his 50th career fight.

Bad: Ramsey Nijem is all hype

He looked really solid. I withdraw my comments on him. I’m interesting to see where he goes from here.

Ugly: Camozzi is way too much for Carmont

This fight went very bad. Camozzi got tired, dominated and beat in many facets. Overall bad pick by me.

Some Extra Good: My other choices

Cerrone dominated just like I thought he would. He looked amazing and really showed that he is going to be a man to deal with in this divsion.

Starks won. And he won the way I said he would. He took him down and beat him up.

Oh yeah and Vera returned to form.


Overall, like I said, good night. Main card fights were great to watch. Stay tuned for UFC 138 picks, coming soon

Happy Pickings,

Big Sexy


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