UFC on Fox Picks: 9 PRELIM FIGHTS!

This is a monumental post for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is the UFC’s first ever, network-televised event. For those of you who have been following MMA for some time now and have been dishing out the big bucks for Pay-Per-View, this is huge. Not to mention its implications for the sport as a whole. I know, I know, every MMA article you’ve read lately has been talking about the same thing, but I couldn’t fail to mention this at least just in passing.

The second reason this is huge as this is the first time you’ll see Big Sexy make his picks on some main card caliber fights. Now, the original goal of Prelim Picker was to hype, educate and help you gamble on fights you had no idea about. Although with a few of these this won’t be the case, a prelim fight is a prelim fight, so here we go.


Aaron Rosa vs Matt Lucas

  • My Pick: Matt Lucas
  • Reasoning: Although I am assuming that dropping down in weight could only help the previously robust Rosa, he’s in over his head. Lucas is quicker, he’s got a great wrestling pedigree (two-time all american) and most likely a better gas tank. Also, if you’ve seen any of his fights you’d know his hands aren’t too bad either.   
  • Confidence: Great

Mike Pierce vs Paul Bradley

  • My Pick: Mike Pierce
  • Reasoning: Let’s take a look at Pierce, shall we. Division I wrestler, 4-2 in the UFC, only losses coming to Johnny Hendricks (who he split with) and Jon Fitch (who he took a round off of). Throw in a win over Bradley earlier in his career and I’m saying this guy looks pretty good. I don’t see him having any trouble with Bradley the second time around either
  • Confidence: Good

Alex Caceres vs Cole Escovedo

  • My Pick: Cole Escovedo
  • Reasoning: Despite a rough patch, Escovedo is pretty solid on the ground (10 career submissions in 17 wins). Fact. Caceres, since stepping into the Octagon, has looked awkward on the ground and often very amateurish. Should we assume that this will change against someone who could easily submit him? 
  • Confidence: Extreme

Mackens Semerzier vs Robert Peralta

  • My Pick: Robert Peralta
  • Reasoning: Semerzier is tough, no doubt. However, with his only recent win coming at the hands of the aforementioned Caceres, he’s on a bit of a skid. Peralta is quite the opposite and, personally, I thought he looked very strong against Mike Lullo. With a run of 8 straight, 4 by knockout, Peralta may just be too game for Da Menace to handle.
  • Confidence: Fair

Kid Yamamoto vs Darren Uyenoyama

  • My Pick: Kid Yamamoto
  • Reasoning: Uyenoyama is kind of a one-trick pony. Sure, his last win came via KO, but his power and technique will come nowhere close to touching Kid. Add in that Kid hasn’t ever been submitted in 23 career fights and holds a significant experience advantage and it an easy pick.
  • Confidence: Great

DaMarques Johnson vs Clay Harvison

  • My Pick: Demarques Johnson
  • Reasoning: Johnson has shown plenty of improving since the ultimate fighter show. He seems to have gotten even better on his feet and his ground game is getting better. I wish I could say the same about Harvison, but the little extra just doesn’t seem to be there. I really don’t seem him as much tougher than when he made his exit on his season.
  • Confidence: Good

Cub Swanson vs Ricardo Lamas

  • My Pick: Cub Swanson
  • Reasoning: One word: desire. After becoming the fist fighter to use the UFC’s new insurance policy, he’s been waiting impatiently on his first fight in the UFC. He’s tough and he’s got absolutely no losses that aren’t justified. Mendes? Aldo? Pulver? Plus, remember what Bartimus did with all of that pent up rage.
  • Confidence: Good

Dustin Poirier vs Pablo Garza

  • My Pick: Pablo Garza
  • Reasoning: Most likely, this pick will be seen as an upset. But, I’m not sure why people don’t give Garza more credit. His short (5:32) career in the UFC is really a ridiculous highlight reel. Not to mention, before that, his record looks pretty good too. Now I hear the hype behind Poirier, but I just don’t see as much as everybody else does and I think Garza’s got the chance for the upset.
  • Confidence: Fair

Clay Guida vs Benson Henderson

  • My Pick: Clay Guida
  • Reasoning: When was the last time Henderson fought a real good wrestler? Varner? Roller? Neither of them are even close to the quality that Guida is. Throw in the fact that Guida is completely incapable of being tired and I think he can take Bendo to the brink. Once again, this may be seen as an upset, but despite his size, I don’t think Henderson can wrestle with Guida.
  • Confidence: Good
So there we have it. The biggest list I’ve ever compiled on this site. Enjoy this amazing event and all of the amazing fights in it.
Happy Pickings,
Big Sexy

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