UFC on Fox Recap/Tip #3

Although, I usually do a pick by pick recap, this card had nine fights, so I decided I’ll do a quick lesson learned. As seen in my picks, UFC on Fox was the first sub .500 card I’ve ever picked, but nothing comes without a lesson. So, lets take the good from a bad situation and see what we learned.

Don’t pick with your heart

-When you have a lot emotionally invested in a fighter, you always want to go with them. It was against my better judgement, but I wound up doing this for UFC of Fox. Garza and Guida were prime examples of this. I’ve loved Guida from the first time I watched him and Garza is also really exciting. However, exciting doesn’t always win fights does it? Hopefully my mistake will prevent others and maybe I won’t make it again.


Stay tuned for UFC 139 picks.

Happy Pickings,
Big Sexy


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