Prelim Picker is Thankful For… (MMA Addition)

Of course on the eve of Thanksgiving, we are all sitting around being thankful for what we have: great friends, a wonderful family, a good job. I, for one, am no exception. I’d like to take a second to thank all of those people, situations, ect. However, I’d like to take time out of this blog to write about what, in the MMA worldin the past year, I am thankful for.

Saturday’s Main Event

Finally getting to see two of the great legends of Pride go toe-to-toe.


Getting to see the one you were rooting for get his hand raised.


Making it a twenty-five minute melee of epic proportions involving buckets of blood and two guys who were willing to shake hands and snap pictures together afterwards.


The Kindness of the MMA Community

Is there another sport that rallies around it’s in need members more? Currently we see amazing examples throughout MMA. My Twitter hasn’t stopped showing posts from fighters from all camps, fans from all countries and personalities from all parts of the industry asking to help UFC veteran fighter Dan Miller in his quest to help his son fight off a rare kidney disease ( Seemingly every member of the community is helping out and I for one am very impressed by the cohesive reaction.

In addition to helping the in need members of the community, fighters are constantly going out of their way to help the community. Sure they don’t have the United Way commercials like the NFL does, but that doesn’t stop Chris Camozzi from giving away loads of money in fight memorabilia to attempt to get people to donate to local food banks.  UFC Bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz and Charlie Brenneman don’t need a commercial to go to a Boys and Girl’s club to talk to kids about their health. They don’t do any of it for the publicity or because the UFC makes them, they do it because they want to out of the goodness of their hearts.


Eddie Bravo Jiu-Jitsu in MMA

Eddie Bravo is on of the brightest men currently and perhaps the most innovative in martial arts. He has taken an ancient martial art form and somehow found new ways to manipulate opponents into positions they have never seen before. In doing this he has created some of grappling’s deadliest warriors as it seems every week I hear about one of them pulling off a submission that “you just have to see”. Although I love watching grappling contests, watching MMA is my main fix. So, why can’t I have my cake and eat it too. I want Bravo and I want to watch MMA matches. Well, I have to wait no longer. Although these slick submissions may have been happening before, just on a smaller scale, they are now twisting (pun intended) their way into the front-line of MMA. Vinny Magalhaes is winning titles using a mounted gogoplata. The Korean Zombie threw up a twister earlier this year.


This Last Card’s Picks

I’m thankful that the fighters I picked this past weekend all did well. I had a rough weekend for sure with UFC on FOX, but UFC 139 put me back in the green. I hit 6 out of 7 fights (86%) , only losing the Matt Brown/Seth Baczynski fight, which wound up being the only fight I missed all night on my parlay (which would have landed me a grand). But I won a contest from TapouT owner Punkass and got some really awesome stuff, so in the end I am…



Lastly I’m thankful top anybody who reads this, whenever they do. The hit numbers I get some days are overwhelming, sometimes thanks to a retweet or two, sometimes for no reason at all. But I appreciate it all and I hope you all keep reading.

Happy Fixings,

Big Sexy


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