The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale Picks: That’s Right, Even These

Well, rule #1 kind of has to go out the window on this one. How do we not pick some house fighters knowing the entire prelim card is filled with them. But regardless, I promised picks on these fights so here they are:

Marcus Brimage vs Stephen Bass

  • My Pick: Marcus Brimage
  • Reasoning: Brimage is more compact and I think he really holds the ability to pick where this fight goes. Plus, although Bass clearly has the more impressive looking record (10-0 versus Brimage’s 3-1), Brimage looks to have picked up the biggest quality win between the two when he knocked out UFC vet Kyle Bradley. Add in the fact that Brimage trains at one of the best gyms for developing the ground game, ATT in Coconut Creek and I see it ending well regardless of the arena.
  • Confidence: Good

Dustin Pague vs John Albert

  • My Pick: Dustin Pague
  • Reasoning: I dare you not to like Pague. Dare you. The guy is probably the nicest person ever to walk into an octagon. Is that why I’m picking him though? Absolutely not. He is probably the toughest guy who stepped into the Ultimate Fighter house this season as was evident in the beating he took at the hands of TJ Dillashaw. He looked good in beating Louis Gaudinot and Bellator veteran Takeki Matsuda to get to where that beating took place. With all of this in mind rumors have also been flying that he’s picked up shop at the TapouT ranch for his upcoming fight.
  • Confidence: Great 

Roland Delorme vs Josh Ferguson

  • My Pick: Roland Delorme
  • Reasoning: Ferguson is just undersized in this battle. Shorter, lighter and with a significant reach disadvantage. This is one of those guys who would greatly benefit from a flyweight division, which is much more natural for him. With all of this working against him and Delorme’s ground game being as good as it is, I just don’t think he can pull it off. 
  • Confidence: Fair

Steven Siler vs Josh Clopton

  • My Pick: Steven Siler
  • Reasoning: Have we ever seen someone who didn’t make the house make the finale? I can’t remember any, but here’s Josh Clopton. Now, obviously, Dana must have seen something to invite him back, but what? He lost fairly easy decision to Dustin Neace. Siler, meanwhile, upset Micah Miller to get into the house before losing expectantly to Diego Brandao, most likely the champion.
  • Confidence: Great

Dustin Neace vs Bryan Caraway

  • My Pick: Bryan Caraway
  • Reasoning: Let me start off by saying, Neace should have been in the semifinals along with Caraway. Akira tapped. Bottomline. However, although I had Neace as a semifinal fighter, Caraway trains with some of the greatest lighter weight fighters in the world at Alpha Male, who excel in wrestling, which seems to be a gap for Neace.
  • Confidence: Fair
Well, there you have it. Not the prettiest ever seen, but I think this is great for the lighter divisions. There are some pretty good fighters in there and I think this will be a fairly decent boost to those divisions and maybe even the potential start to the flyweight division.
Happy Pickings,
Big Sexy

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