UFC 140 Picks (and a short finale recap)

Well, that’s yet another set of picks in the book and Prelim Picker came out on top again. This time going 4-1 bring the record up to 41-21, with 10 out of the last 12. This next batch has a good bunch of fights including a friend of Prelim Picker, Walel Watson. The question is, will his appearance on the site give him our nod?

Igor Pokrajac vs. Krzysztof Soszynski

  • My Pick: Krzysztof Soszynski
  • Reasoning: Although both have had moments where they looked less than impressive, see either of their Bonnar fights (Krzysztof’s 2nd), The Polish Experiment has a much better ground game. Although it was during Stann’s time at light heavyweight, we have to think back to the time when he was forced to tap to Soszynski’s kimura, which is textbook. Add in his overall physical strength, which is tough to match in that division, and he gets a nod here. 
  • Confidence: Good

Jared Hamman vs. Constantinos Philippou

  • My Pick: Jared Hamman
  • Reasoning: I will grant you this, every time I see the Gustafsson highlight I cringe. It makes me never want to pick Hamman. But, I have to say, the drop in weight seems to be good for him as he looked a lot better against CB Dollaway. Plus, they’ve matched him up with a beatable, not to mention less experienced, opponent. I think Hamman utilizes his reach and makes this his fight. 
  • Confidence: Fair

Dennis Hallman vs. John Makdessi

  • My Pick: Dennis Hallman
  • Reasoning: Makdessi had one of the best KOs of all last year. As a matter of fact, had Black House not reinvented the front kick, he would had won KO of the Year. Although 7 of his 9 fights have ended exactly that way, I think Hallman might just be too experienced to get caught with one of his shots. Granted he has been KOed 6 times, but that is over his 67 fight career. Plus, whether you want to attribute it to luck, it being early in his career or the mafia, this is a man who beat Matt Hughes twice. Something I find very hard to overlook. Go with Hallman, but lets all pray for more clothes this time.
  • Confidence: Good

Yves Jabouin vs. Walel Watson

  • My Pick: Walel Watson
  • Reasoning: Sure, his striking looked flashy the last time out, but that’s not even the most impressive thing about the Gazelle. If you’ve seen any of his pre-UFC match-ups, you’d know that this guy grabs submissions from nowhere and they are locked in before his opponent knows what limb he’s going for. Nobody’s going to accuse Jabouin of being a ground fighter, leaving us with the statement: “his best chance is to stand and trade with Watson”. Doesn’t sound good to me.
  • Confidence: Great

Mark Bocek vs. Nik Lentz

  • My Pick: Nik Lentz
  • Reasoning: People have called me crazy for saying this, but Nik Lentz may be ONE OF the best pound-for-pound wrestlers in the UFC. I honestly believe that. Sure, he’s had some times where it’s looked less that perfect, but when it’s on, it is on. Bocek’s ground game is nothing to laugh at either, but I have a feeling he’s probably going to fight a lot of this fight from his back.
  • Confidence: Fair

Rich Attonito vs. Jake Hecht

  • My Pick: Rich Attonito
  • Reasoning: The Raging Bull is the uncrowned champion of the Ultimate Fighter’s 11th season. I honestly believe he could have taken anybody on that show that year if it wasn’t for his broken jaw. Although Hecht’s record is impressive, he is a newcomer facing a tough veteran.
  • Confidence: Good
John Cholish vs. Mitch Clarke
  • My Pick: John Cholish
  • Reasoning: I know I haven’t given much love to Canada on this card, but unfortunately I’m not changing my tune here either. Cholish is very strong physically as you could see in his manhandling of Marc Stevens. Also, his stand up and head movement is significantly better than Clarke’s.
  • Confidence: Great

So there you have it, another one in the books. If you have any questions, or think you could do better than the Prelim Picker, feel free to check out the contact informantion in the About section and be sure to check out all of the fights this weekend. It should be a good batch.

Happy Pickings,

Big Sexy


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