UFC 140 Gets a Guest Picker!

It’s been a few events since somebody has squared off with Big Sexy in a test of picks. Maybe I’ve scared them all off after beating Johny Hendricks and then UFC 140 fighter Walel Watson (twice). Regardless, we are proud to announce that Anthony “The Hippo” Perosh has joined us to tell us a little about how his training is going and who he thinks will take home the prelims Saturday night. The Hippo is a tough jiu jitsu ace from Australia who recently flashed some of that beautiful jiu jitsu in his UFC 138 stoppage against a very good Cyrille Diabate. Since moving to the UFC’s light heavyweight division Perosh is 2-0.

First of all, I would like to thank you for agreeing to take time out of your schedule to join us. I know you are a very busy man. How has the training been going since we last saw you in the Octagon and when do we get to see you back in there?

Anthony Perosh: I am waiting for confirmation of my next fight. I’m hoping it’s in Sydney on 4th March. This is my second week back at training and have been doing one session per day to get back to a maintenance fitness before my fight camp starts.

Great to hear. We’d love to see you back than as well and judging from the UFC’s past, I’m sure Joe Silva will be more than happy to promote a match with you down under. Let’s take a look at some of the fights this weekend. In your division we have Igor Pokrajac and Krzysztof Soszynski. Who are you taking?

Anthony Perosh: I’m tipping Igor cause he’s a good friend of mine and I really think he has all the keys to win this fight.

Well he certainly did look very impressive his last time out. How about Dennis Hallman and John Makdessi? A guy with a load of experience taking on a much younger prospect.

Anthony Perosh: Denis Hallman to avoid the strikes and take him down and win by submission.

He has won more than a few times that way. Moving on to the welterweight division we have Rich Attonito and Jake Hecht.

Anthony Perosh: Rich Attonito is too experienced for him and will win this one.

Alright, in the lightweight division we have two guys on the rise in Nik Lentz and Mark Bocek, both with phenomenal ground game, something you know a great deal about. Which ground game wins this one?

Anthony Perosh: Nick Lentz will win by avoiding Mark’s takedowns and taking him down.

I agree. Sometimes you have to look at the better wrestler and figure out if he’ll ever wind up on his back. How about Jared Hamman and Constantinos Philippou?

Anthony Perosh: Jared Hamman to win this battle of the strikers.

They both certainly do have their moments on their feet. How about Josh Cholish and Mitch Clarke.

Anthony Perosh: I’ll take John Cholish to win in his Octagon debut against Mitch who is making his Octagon debut.

Alright. Lastly, but certainly not least, we have my pick for fight of the night. In the bantamweight division we have hard-hitting striker Yves Jabouin facing off with Prelim Picker alumni and fast rising prospect Walel Watson. Who are you backing?

Anthony Perosh: I’ve got Walel Watson to win as he’s a little more well rounded.

Once again, I have to agree with you. He certainly seems to have the submission game to accompany those heavy hands. Well, thank you so much for letting us know what your picks are and we all look forward to seeing you in Australia in March. Good luck.


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