It’s Been A While Friends… UFC 142 Picks

So, it’s been awhile off. But it is a new year and it’s time for some picks. This is actually a big event for me, since the first Prelim Picks ever were from the UFC’s last trip to Rio. Let’s see if I can’t continue my unbeaten streak in Brazil.
Sam Stout vs. Thiago Tavares
  • My Pick: Sam Stout
  • Reasoning: If Tavares is smart, he’ll try to get this fight to the ground. I just don’t see him being able to keep the fight there and I don’t see him finishing Stout at all. Which makes us question what would happen on the feet. My feeling is if Shane Roller can knock Tavares out, Hands of Stone will probably lead to a similar fate.
  • Confidence: Great
Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Ednaldo Oliveira
  • My Pick: Gabriel Gonzaga
  • Reasoning: Fact: Oliveira has some phenomenal hands. Fact: He’s longer than a lot of heavyweight. Fact: He has the ability to knock Gabe out. But I think Napao is coming in with a much different mentality than he has in past fights. After knocking out Cro Cop, he came out swinging with a lot of people. I think you are going to see him try to get this down and work for submissions. His top game is quite good, if we can go back to a time he was using it. Try to remember, this is a man who fought for a UFC title only a few years ago.
  • Confidence: Good
Yuri Alcantara vs. Michihiro Omigawa
  • My Pick: Yuri Alcantra
  • Reasoning: Never been an Omigawa fan. He doesn’t seem to have that finish power or technique. Marajo on the other hand has finished 23 of his 26 career fights and is riding a 12-fight win streak. Sure Omigawa is a big step up in competition, but I really feel that he can handle it. 
  • Confidence: Good
Ricardo Funch vs. Mike Pyle
  • My Pick: Mike Pyle
  • Reasoning: All of my being wants to pick The Golden Boy here. As a matter of fact, this will mark the first time that I am actively rooting against a pick I made, when I watch the prelims. Funch is the man who taught me the omoplata, a submission I like to use more than just about any. However, although I think he belongs in the UFC, I just think a seasoned veteran like Pyle, has too high of a level of grappling for Funch to get by. I really do hope I am wrong though.
  • Confidence: Great
Felipe Arantes vs. Antonio Carvalho
  • My Pick: Antonio Carvalho
  • Reasoning: I usually go for the young guy on his home turf, but I was very underwhelmed by Arantes in his first outing. Carvalho on the other hand, has some pretty impressive judo and some great jiu jitsu. I really think this will give him the best chance to fight the fight where he wants to.
  • Confidence: Fair

Well that’s all we have for this time. It is good to be back in the new year and I hope it goes as well as last year.

Happy Pickings,

Big Sexy


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