UFC on Fuel 3: Korean Zombie vs. Poirier

Well, it’s happened once again. It seems like no matter how well things are going for him or how right the star appear to be lining up, Anthony Pettis seems to get the shaft regardless. Although it didn’t appear it could get any worse than when he was forced out of a guaranteed title shot by a fluke draw, it seems to have even worse effects this time. After kicking a rising Joe Lauzon into oblivion, it appeared that everything was all set for the potential rematch between him and now champion Benson Henderson. However, Dana White couldn’t disagree with me more. First, he honored Frankie Edgar’s request for a rematch; a ridiculous idea to me seeing as how badly he was beat back in February. Now, more recently, he’s added in that Pettis is behind Nate Diaz in line, who will now wait for the champion. Although I would agree that Diaz’s win over contender Jim Miller was a lot more impressive than Pettis’ most recent fight, this next-in-line stuff leaves Pettis without any legitimate match-up. Not a single person in Sherdog’s top 10 is free to be booked with Pettis, with the exception of Jim Miller (having lost 2 of his last 3) or Lauzon (who was recently beat by him). So, I’m sure all of you reading are wondering what my stance is; where I’m going with this. It’s simple: the UFC needs to stop naming the next in line before the dust it settled. Isn’t there enough time for a Pettis to square off with Diaz? Who wouldn’t pay to see that? Then if the main event in August happens to end in a draw, god forbid, we’ll have busy contenders.

Alright, enough of my high horse. Time for some picks.

Francisco Rivera vs. Alex Soto

  • My Pick: Francisco Rivera
  • Reasoning: Although I like the looks of the growing camp at Team Hurricane Awesome, I think Soto has a little ways to go before he’s going to make a dent in the UFC. Sure, he had some hard luck, drawing rising star Michael McDonald in his first UFC fight, but in other recent contests, he hasn’t quite looked there. Rivera, on the other hand, has shown quite the power behind his heavy right. Having only seem Soto hit hard once, I question how much of that right he’ll able able to eat.
  • Confidence: Fair

Jeff Curran vs. Johnny Eduardo

  • My Pick: Jeff Curran
  • Reasoning: With both of these guys sporting a wealth of experience, you know this match-up is going to be a good one. Although Eduardo has been fighting for what seems like forever, it’s the Big Frog who has been more tested. His resume of fights is practically a who’s who of the lighter weight divisions. Faber, Jorgensen, Brown, Hioki, Yamamoto and even Matt Serra (who he took the distance). Although he’s come out on the wrong side of most high profile match-ups, he is a game competitor with a legitimate black belt in jiu jitsu. I see him hanging in with the big blows and tiring out Eduardo.
  • Confidence: Good

Rafael Dos Anjos vs. Kamal Shalorus

  • My Pick: Kamal Shalorus
  • Reasoning: Kamal Shalorus is a world class wrestler. This guy has placed in Olympic qualifying and looked good in Abu Dhabi qualifying as well. Although I respect the last couple fights for Dos Anjos, I think he’ll spend most of his night staring at the ceiling. And even though he seems to be somewhat comfortable off his back, I doubt he’ll be able to finish someone with the strength of The Prince of Persia
  • Confidence: Good

T.J. Grant vs. Carlo Prater

  • My Pick: T.J. Grant
  • Reasoning: Grant was a decent-sized welterweight who made a drop to lightweight and instantly showed off some amazing strength. In his match with Shane Roller, who is no joke in the wrestling department, he bullied his opponent around and also showed off his slick jiu jitsu. Much like I predicted in the match above, I imagine Prater will spend a good deal of time on his back and will not likely submit the stronger opponent.
  • Confidence: Great

Brad Tavares vs. Dongi Yang

  • My Pick: Brad Tavares
  • Reasoning: Yang seems to have some major slip ups in remembering or employing a solid game plan. He showed off some good ground and pound one night, then in his next fight, tried to show off some stand-up and was widely ineffective. Should he try to show off the stand up again, he’ll likely be met with the stong hands of Tavares, who is certainly no joke on the feet.
  • Confidence: Fair

Marcus LeVesseur vs. Cody McKenzie

  • My Pick: Cody McKenzie
  • Reasoning: Honestly, the McKenztine. I’m a sucker for it. Sure, he’s lost his last few times, but the drop in competition could likely bring him back to an interview with Mr. Rogan or Anik (I can’t remember who’ll be there this time). In addition, he’s also put in a camp in the 209 with the Diaz brothers. Add in that LeVesseur is a wrestler who may just shoot for the well placed double and you can see where my honest reason comes from.
  • Confidence: Good

Enjoy the free fights.
Happy Pickings,
Big Sexy

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