UFC 153 Picks: They are finally here!!

No Fun quips or acnecdotes for you today. Just picks.

Reza Madadi vs. Cristiano Marcello

  • My Pick: Reza Madadi
  • Reasoning: I’m a big fan of Cristiano Marcello. He’s an amazing grappler who will always have my respect and admiration when it comes  to that aspect of the game. However, I think his stand-up still has a long way to come. The Mad Dog is better in that aspect of the game and in addition, may have good enough grappling to at least keep from being submitted.
  • Confidence: Fair

Chris Camozzi vs. Luiz Cane

  • My Pick: Chris Camozzi
  • Reasoning: Do I think that the move down for Cane was the right thing? Yes. Do I think he could be a decent, middle of the pack guy at middleweight? Yes. Do I think he has a favorable match-up in Camozzi? I do not. Camozzi is a huge middleweight and even coming down a class, I still feel Cane will be outsized to the point of no return.
  • Confidence: Good

Renee Forte vs. Sergio Moraes

  • My Pick: Sergio Maraes
  • Reasoning: Get ready for me to go against my own rules twice. Moraes looked like a world beater on the Ultimate Fighter. Sure he got caught by a flying knee, but the submission game looked deadly. Also, he’ll be back to his much more comfortable weight and I think that helps him against Forte, a guy who I’ve never been that impressed by even when he’s won big.
  • Confidence: Good

Diego Brandao vs. Joey Gambino

  • My Pick: Diego Brandao
  • Reasoning: Two cards ago I went wild for new guys on the scene with a lot of promise. I picked Watson, Nelson and Manuwa. I’m fairly high on Gambino, but I also feel that the matchmakers have done him a great disservice. After getting a debut against Steven Siler where he looked less than impressive, they matched him with another slick submission guy who has the hands to trade with him. Although I’ve warned against guys on the Ultimate Fighter in the past, have you seen how explosive Diego was on that show? There, I did it again.
  • Confidence: Great

Gleison Tibau vs. Francisco Trinaldo

  • My Pick: Gleison Tibau
  • Reasoning: I think the big difference in this fight comes from Tibau’s size and how he uses it. Trinaldo has never really faced someone with the size of Tibau that will tire him out and I think the way that Tibau fights will do just that. Unless Tibau gets clipped early, I expect him to wear him out and finish late.
  • Confidence: Great

Rony “Jason” Mariano Bezerra vs. Sam Sicilia

  • My Pick: Rony “Jason” Mariano Bezerra
  • Reasoning: Rony Jason has showed some very solid skills and has proven that there may even be a little knockout power in those hands. He’s compiled a very solid record and done so facing some very name and game opponents such as Felipe Arantes, Genair de Silva and even a split loss against current interim champion Renen Barao. Sicilia looked just decent against Chris Saunders on the Ultimate Fighter and really did nothing shocking beating the aforementioned strict grappler Marcello.
  • Confidence: Good 


Happy Pickings,


Big Sexy


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