Double Pick Post: UFC on FX 6 and TUF Finale Picks

It is a great weekend to be a UFC fan. A lot of free fights all over the place and absolutely the fan friendly ones. I’ve had a lot of friends complaining that maybe these cards are too watered down and that maybe the UFC has to lay off a bit. I’m going to argue though, that free fights are free fights. Plus, just because you don’t recognize the name, don’t shun it as a boring fight. After all, isn’t that pretty much the motto of this site. Now, without further ado, the 13 preliminary fights for this weekend

UFC on FX 6: Sotiropoulos vs Pearson

Nick Penner vs. Cody Donovan

  • My Pick: Cody Donnovan
  • Reasoning: Penner seemed to have a lot of trouble dealing with Anthony Perosh’s ground game. Although it is well known that Perosh is a wiz on the ground, the ease on which Penner was taken down is more alarming to me. Donnovan is a fighter who enjoys doing just that. In his semi-recent Bellator fight, he double legged and slammed his way to a seemingly easy decision. I imagine that will likely be his gameplan here as well.
  • Confidence: Good

Brendan Loughnane vs. Mike Wilkinson

  • My Pick: Brendan Lougnane
  • Reasoning: Both these guys seem to have some pretty decent wrestling, but in very different ways. Wilkinson is going to come in and try to use his pure strength to bully Loughnane around. Loughnane, on the other hand, is much more composed and will try to use some Greco trips to get the same done. In the end, I think both will have trouble finishing each other and that the good movement, patience and cardio of Lougnane will score him the minor upset.
  • Confidence: Fair

Ben Alloway vs. Manuel Rodriguez

  • My Pick: Ben Alloway
  • Reasoning: Although he is much better known for his jiu jitsu, Alloway actual has shown a good deal of power behind his punches. Having scored some solid knockdowns here and there, I’ve come to expect his hands to keep improving. Despite the fact that I do like Manny Rodriguez, he seems much more one dimensional to me and his chin has indeed be exposed before.
  • Confidence: Good

Mike Pearce vs. Seth Baczynski

  • My Pick: Seth Baczynski
  • Reasoning: I think people keep writing the Polish Pistola off, myself included. He’s a really strong guy who trains with a lot of wrestlers. He will definitely be prepared for Pearce’s game plan. In addition, he’s actually quite good off of his back. He’s submitted the always tough  Matt Brown on an attempted shot and has a plethora of guillotines and triangles in his career. I think he’s going to shock some people and put himself on the map.
  • Confidence: Fair

Igor Pokrajac vs. Joey Beltran

  • My Pick: Igor Pokrajac
  • Reasoning: I do expect to see a much fresher, much more technical Joey Beltran down at light heavyweight. However, he still is at heart a brawler and Pokrajac is a man you don’t want to brawl with. Although I don’t think that he will knock Beltran out, I do think if he can out box Maldonado on the feet, Beltran won’t be a problem for him. 
  • Confidence: Great

Chad Mendes vs. Yaotzin Meza

  • My Pick: Chad Mendes
  • Reasoning: Not sure I’ve ever been as confident in a pick as this one. Meza is not ready for Mendes. Mendes has much better wrestling, is much stronger and has a lot more quality experience.
  • Confidence: Extreme

TUF 16 Finale: Nelson vs Mitrione

Tim Elliot vs. Jared Papazian

  • My Pick: Tim Elliot
  • Reasoning: I was lucky enough to be live for the Elliot/Dodson fight and I can easily say that just about everyone there was surprised with Elliot. Dodson, who had essentially been tabbed next to the top was pressed with a level of unorthodox strikes that wouldn’t made even a Duke Roufus guy uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Papazian has really been underwhelming in all of his fights against name opponents.
  • Confidence: Great

Mike Rio vs. John Cofer

  • My Pick: John Cofer
  • Reasoning: Unfortunately for Cofer, he’ll probably always be remembered as the guy who took that nasty head kick. And, when people are breaking down the fight, that’s the first thing they’ll probably think of. Although, admittedly, that came to my mind as well, I also would like to remind my audience that he is a member of Team Alpha Male, has great wrestling and a jiu jitsu game that is definitely coming around. Not to mention, if Rio shoots, as we know he may, Cofer has got that Alpha Male guillotine. 
  • Confidence: Good

Reuben Duran vs. Hugo Viana

  • My Pick: Reuben Duran
  • Reasoning: Duran showed me he has the ability to be as tough as nails in the Mizugaki fight. He took a guy that everybody saw towards the top of the division and battled him to a split. Viana has never really impressed me. Even in his recent decision I saw not much to write home about. Perhaps he’ll change his tune, but if he doesn’t it’ll spell trouble for him.
  • Confidence: Good

TJ Waldburger vs. Nick Catone

  • My Pick: TJ Waldburger
  • Reasoning: Catone certainly has the strength and pure wrestling ability to get this fight to the ground. However, Waldburger is by far the most active guy from his back that I have seen in a long time. If Catone want to win this fight, he is going to have to fight off 3 rounds worth of submission attempts. Waldburger just needs to catch one.
  • Confidence: Fair

Vinc Pichel vs. Rustam Khabilov

  • My Pick: Rustam Khabilov
  • Reasoning: Fact: Vinc Pichel looked very impressive on tough and I was looking forward to seeing his debut. Fact: There has been a recent influx of tough Russian fighters who know how to use their Sambo backgrounds to make fighter’s lives miserable. Fact: Khabilov is one of those fighters.
  • Confidence: Great

Johnny Bedford vs. Marcos Vinicius

  • My Pick: Johnny Bedford
  • Reasoning: Bedford impressed me while on the Ultimate Fighter, but he really showed at the finale what he can do with a full fight camp where he’s comfortable, which I think is much more telling. More than anything, this guy is a gamer and I fully expect him to be able to weather the storm of punched that Vinicius brings. Also, his jiu jitsu game is strong enough to at least stay out of trouble in that realm.
  • Confidence: Good

Mike Pyle vs. James Head

  • My Pick: Mike Pyle
  • Reasoning: A true fight veteran, Pyle has been in some wars. A winner of 5 of his last 6, his only loss was to the ever popular Rory MacDonald. While I praise the recent win over Brain Ebersole, Head’s performance on an Ebersole with a short camp didn’t exactly impress me. Nor did it make me think that he could overcome Pyle’s ability to fight just about anywhere.
  • Confidence: Good

Happy Pickings all weekend,

Big Sexy


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