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UFC 158 Picks

No wise words this week. Just Prelim Picks

Reuben Duran vs. George Roop

  • My Pick: Reuben Duran
  • Reasoning: While we’ve seen flashes of brilliance from Roop (Korean Zombie fight, Josh Grispi fight), his weight is what bothers me in this one. He was a long and lanky featherweight and now at bantamweight he’s going to look even smaller. Although his reach should help, I think Duran’s takedowns are good enough to get him to the ground and at the very least grind out a decision.  
  • Confidence: Fair

TJ Dillashaw vs. Issei Tamura

  • My Pick: TJ Dillashaw
  • Reasoning: Tamura has showed me nothing that would think that his wrestling is in the same galaxy of a TJ Dillashaw. If Dillashaw uses anything but relentless takedowns and top game, I’d be very surprised.
  • Confidence: Extreme

Quinn Mulhern vs. Rick Story

  • My Pick: Rick Story
  • Reasoning: While part of me is weary of some of his past fights, I know deep down that the Rick Story of old is in there. You remember; the one that used his grinding to take decisions from Johny Hendricks and Thiago Alves. If that story shows up, Mulhern is in over his head. 
  • Confidence: Fair

Daron Cruickshank vs. John Makdessi

  • My Pick: Daron Cruickshank
  • Reasoning: Instantly, this fight jumps off the page at me as potential fight of the night. Both guys have black belts in Taekwondo and are great technical strikers. What separates Cruickshank from Makdessi is his ability to keep space and kick your head off. His utilization of kicks make his stand up a bit more complete.
  • Confidence: Good

Jordan Mein vs. Dan Miller

  • My Pick: Jordan Mein
  • Reasoning: Mein is one of the more impressive Strikeforce imports. At 23 years old, he has already fought 34 times and has racked up 26 wins with 21 finishes. What’s most impressive to me though is the fact that he took Tyron Woodley to a split decision and was essentially one fight away from a crack at the welterweight title. His speed, footwork and boxing should cause problems for Miller and I believe his ground game can hang with him. 
  • Confidence: Good

Antonio Carvalho vs. Darren Elkins

  • My Pick: Darren Elkins
  • Reasoning: While I’ll be the first to admit that he probably didn’t win the Omigawa fight, Elkins is riding a 4-fight wins streak that includes impressive wins over Steven Siler and Diego Brandao. His wrestling is near the top of his weight class and I don’t think Carvalho has the jiu jitsu to tap him out. 
  • Confidence: Great

Patrick Cote vs. Bobby Voelker

  • My Pick: Patrick Cote
  • Reasoning: Cote has always sported some very serious kickboxing. While Voelker has been in some battles, I don’t think he’s been tested by someone as good as Cote. I also think that the big cut is only going to help Cote as he’ll be a little bit bigger for 170.
  • Confidence: Fair

Happy Pickings,