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UFC 159 Picks

Before we get to the picks, I just want to let you know I have some exciting news about an interview coming up. If your a fan of my writing, keep an eye on the mma-manifesto in the coming months. It should be very exciting.

Kurt Holobaugh vs. Steven Siler

  • My Pick: Steven Siler
  • Reasoning: A loss to Darren Elkins does not change how I feel about this kid’s skills. When you see him step into the octagon and beat up Cole Miller like that, you have to respect him. Not to mention, in his last 19 fights he’s only loss 3 and they were to Cole Escovedo, Elkins and Chad Mendes. Needless to say, his recent trend it up.
  • Confidence: Good

Nick Catone vs. James Head

  • My Pick: Nick Catone
  • Reasoning: The Jersey Devil is one we forget due to his recent losses to TJ Waldburger and Chris Camozzi. However, this is a guy who swept Costa Philippou across the scorecards, which is his only loss if you don’t count his debut. In addition, his Pablo Popovich brown belt could come into play in this match up. Head it tough, just nto as tough as Catone.
  • Confidence: Good

Leonard Garcia vs. Cody McKenzie

  • My Pick: Leonard Garcia
  • Reasoning: Does Garcia have the tendency to fight stupid? Yes. Could he possibly drop his head enough to get submitted? Yes. I think it’s far more likely that he’ll connect on a punch to the weak jawed and low handed McKenzie first though.
  • Confidence: Fair

Rustam Khabilov vs. Yancy Medeiros

  • My Pick: Rustam Khabilov
  • Reasoning: I think Medeiros has some solid hands and has shown some decent grappling. However, I’m buying the current influx of Sambo in the MMA world. It seems to have found it’s place and is making an impact on the UFC. I think Khabilov will have the answer grappling wise and finish this.
  • Confidence: Good

Sheila Gaff vs. Sara McMann

  • My Pick: Sara McMann
  • Reasoning: While I love Gaff’s forward approach, I think she’s going to have to modify it here. Sure, those power shots have worked in the past, but McMann is much smarter and wrestle a great deal better than Gaff’s former opponents. If Gaff continues with her usual game plan, she’s going to wind up on her back.
  • Confidence: Great

Ovince St. Preux vs. Gian Villante

  • My Pick: Ovince St. Preux
  • Reasoning: When you are the type of guy who can turtle up Gegard Mousasi and knock someone like TJ Cook (who has a highly underrated chin) out, you have my attention. I think OSP’s striking is just a bit ahead of Villante’s. Plus, Villante is not impressive at all on the ground.
  • Confidence: Good

Johnny Bedford vs. Bryan Caraway

  • My Pick: Johnny Bedford
  • Reasoning: Caraway’s number one avenue for victory is the submission. No question there as 14 of his 17 wins have come that way. With Bedford being a D-1 wrestler and with some solid jiu jitsu defense, I think the chances for that are low. And if he stops it from going down and Caraway is forced to trade, it’s Bedford’s world.
  • Confidence: Good

Happy Pickings,



UFC on Fox 7 Picks

Yoel Romero vs. Clifford Starks

  • My Pick: Yoel Romero
  • Reasoning: Starks has largely relied on bullying his opponents with his large frame. He is extremely strong for his weight class and was even able to toss Ed Herman around a bit. But he’s finally run into an opponent who won’t allow it. Romero is a silver medal wrestler with some pretty heavy hands. He won’t be pushed around.
  • Confidence: Good

Anthony Njokuani vs. Roger Bowling

  • My Pick: Anthony Njokuani
  • Reasoning: I really like Bowling’s stand up, but he has trouble with strikers who are a bit more technical. Terec Saffiedine and Voelker both gave him a fair deal of trouble. With Njokuani having some solid muay thai, I think he’s point him to death from range.
  • Confidence: Fair

TJ Dillashaw vs. Hugo Viana

  • My Pick: TJ Dillashaw
  • Reasoning: Still not sure why Dillashaw isn’t getting bigger step ups in competition. Since losing the Ultimate Fighter Finale, he’s demolished everyone he’s fought in impressive fashion. His wrestling is strong and finishing is a priority. Viana is undefeated, but his level of competition is also quite low.
  • Confidence: Great

Tim Means vs. Jorge Masvidal

  • My Pick: Tim Means
  • Reasoning: The upset pick here, Means is highly untested. The biggest name on his opponents list is Spencer Fisher, which was 8 years ago. However, his striking is annoying and dangerous at the same time. If he can frustrate Masvidal, he can make him make a mistake and score the upset.
  • Confidence: Fair

Joseph Benavidez vs. Darren Uyenoyama

  • My Pick: Joseph Benavidez
  • Reasoning: Uyenoyama’s only hope in this fight would be to submit Benavidez. His striking is behind and he’s not going to out wrestle him. The problem is, if Benavidez doesn’t want this on the ground, it isn’t going there.
  • Confidence: Great

Ramsey Nijem vs. Myles Jury

  • My Pick: Myles Jury
  • Reasoning: Jury showed that he can hold off someone who wants to wrestle him down in the Johnson fight. Knowing that Nijem and Johnson have a similar style in that regards, I think Jury can keep this where he wants to and take a decision on his feet.
  • Confidence: Fair

Francis Carmont vs. Lorenz Larkin

  • My Pick: Lorenz Larkin
  • Reasoning: Two highly underrated guys, both who will make a jump into the top 15 or so with a quality win. Larkin, has the advantage here due to his footwork and boxing. Although it’s conceivable that Carmont gets him down, if Robbie Lawler had trouble, I think he will too. 
  • Confidence: Good

Chad Mendes vs. Darren Elkins

  • My Pick: Chad Mendes
  • Reasoning: Elkins has shown that he clearly has the skills to compete in the upper echelon on the division. However, Mendes has a very similar skill set and seems to be better in just about every area. Without a KO punch standing, I don’t see how Elkins can win this.
  • Confidence: Great

Happy Pickings,


TUF Finale Picks

Maximo Blanco vs. Sam Sicilia

  • My Pick: Maximo Blanco
  • Reasoning: Blanco throws heavy leather and, if you’ve seen the Chang Hyun Kim fight, some mean kicks too. In addition, his sometimes frantic style will likely tempt Sicilia into throwing wildly. If it turns in to that kind of fight, the fans should win regardless of the outcome. However, it should be noted that Blanco has shown a very good chin and Sicilia was KOed last time out. 
  • Confidence: Good

Justin Lawrence vs. Daniel Pineda

  • My Pick: Justin Lawrence
  • Reasoning: Lawrence is a freaky talent. He’s got some great stand up and has improved everytime I’ve seen him. Sure, he got caught by an equally talented and equally young Max Holloway, but that surely doesn’t discount his multiple golden gloves and kickboxing accolades. Could Pineda take him down and submit him? Sure. Does he want to get close enough to try? 
  • Confidence: Great

Cole Miller vs. Part Palaszeski

Clint Hester vs. Bristol Marunde

  • My Pick: Clint Hester
  • Reasoning: These guys share a similar build and skill set. Both look like they should never make 185 and both will likely try to stand and bang. The fact that Hester has professional boxing experience should tip the scales in his favor in that aspect. His survival instincts are also quite a bit better as is apparent by when he forced Douglas Lima to decision. 
  • Confidence: Fair

Dylan Andrews vs. Jimmy Quinlan

  • My Pick: Jimmy Quinlan
  • Reasoning: This pick instantly pains me. Dylan Andrews is everything I miss about old school MMA. He’s got heart, guts and knows when he’s down he’s got to throw with reckless abandon. Too many times now I see fighters clearly down two rounds and they get complacent. I love watching him fight. However, I don’t think he’s going to be able to fend off the takedowns of Quinlan or be able to get back up once he’s down. A collegiate wrestler, Quinlan has also won multiple Pan-Am championships. 
  • Confidence: Good

Luke Barnett vs. Collin Hart

  • My Pick: Collin Hart
  • Reasoning: Barnett looked impressive in his short stint on the show. He clearly possesses a stiking advantage in the match up and Hart will surely have to be aware of that knee that he loves to throw. However, Hart’s wrestling may easily become the deciding factor here. I don’t expect Barnett to be able to submit Hart off of his back and, if Hart plans accordingly, that’s where the fight will take place.
  • Confidence: Fair

Kevin Casey vs. Josh Samman

  • My Pick: Josh Samman
  • Reasoning: Josh seems to have the advantage over King in every way. Sure King has some very solid jiu jitsu, but his chances of taking the fight there are slim. Samman has the better wrestling. Samman has far better striking.
  • Confidence: Great

Happy Pickings,