UFC 160 Picks

Estevan Payan vs. Jeremy Stephens

  • My Pick: Jeremy Stephens
  • Reasoning: I’ve actually really grown to be a fan of El Terrible’s hands. He’s looked really good which is why he’s here with a UFC contract. I just think they dropped  him in a little too deep of water for his debut. Stephens hits like a truck and Payan is going to be willing to trade with him.
  • Confidence: Good

Brain Bowles vs. George Roop

  • My Pick: Brian Bowles
  • Reasoning: Roop might be the hardest fighter to get a read on. He can beat up Hatsu Hioki and knock out the un-knock-out-able Korean Zombie, but looks very pedestrian at other times. Deep down I’m hoping that we see the old Bowles in this fight who I think is too much for Roop to handle. Be careful betting this one though, if Bowles has rust, Roop could take him.  
  • Confidence: Fair

Nah-Shon  Burrell vs. Stephen Thompson

  • My Pick: Stephen Thompson
  • Reasoning: We all remember Thompson’s hype train being derailed against Matt Brown, but I don’t quite think it’s time to hop off. His striking is capable of making him a threat in the division if he develops a more complete game. I don’t think Burrell can stay away from those hands or ridiculously quick legs forever.
  • Confidence: Great

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Abel Trujillo

  • My Pick: Khabib Nurmagomedov
  • Reasoning: Trujillo looked like a world beater in his first fight under the Zuffa banner. However, once again, I think the UFC gave a new guy a little bit more than he can chew. Nurmagomedov is the 9th ranked lightweight in mma-manifesto.com ‘s Lightweight rankings and is a real threat for the title right now. An impressive showing here and expect to see him against a Top 5 guy.
  • Confidence: Good

Colton Smith vs. Robert Whittaker

  • My Pick: Colton Smith
  • Reasoning: I will be the first to admit I’m not a Colton Smith fan. The move he made faking a glove touch will forever cement him in a bad image in my eyes. However, I just don’t think I can pick against his wrestling here. It’s too good and I expect him to take a fairly easy decision win here.
  • Confidence: Great

Dennis Bermudez vs. Max Holloway

  • My Pick: Max Holloway
  • Reasoning: I am going with the upset here for a few reasons. Firstly, I think Holloway is a really smart fighter. Despite being only 21, he knows where he should be in a fight and works diligently to make sure it happens. And two, I think Bermudez needs to drag him down in order to beat him and I’ve been impressed with Holloway’s ability to get back up.
  • Confidence: Fair

Mike Pyle vs. Rick Story

  • My Pick: Rick Story
  • Reasoning: Such a toss up here. Both of these guys are impressive veterans. The difference maker I think it Story’s relentless forward mentality. I think it helps him take an extra round on the judges cards.
  • Confidence: Fair

Happy Pickings,



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